Thursday, 24 May 2012

Activity Six – Continue developing the Flexible Learning plan

Sorry Team can't seem to get the template to transfer despite the instructions so I have adapted it a little to post it my own way. Here are a couple of strategies I am pulling together that with the ongoing benefit of constructive  feedback may eventually be useful in preparing midwives for midwifery standards review requirements? What do you think?

Strategy One
Give students an opportunity to integrate NZCOM consensus statement into practice (establish relevancy). Reflective practice.
- provide link to NZCOM website get students to navigate around same
- give suggestions for topics related to practice settings e.g rural, primary care, tertiary  hospital
- providge recommend reading on change management within workplaces
- Get students to select a consensus statement
- Ask students to make a discussion forum posting of how that statements topic is currently managed in their practice setting and how well that consensus statement is currently integrated
- Ask students to give feedback to two other posting with practice tips on positive implimation of consensus statement in their area
Lecturer to acknowledge the forums postings on a weekly basis (with encouraging commentary and suggestions)
makes a posting on their selected consensus statement
engages with two other postings

Strategy Two
Evidence based practice, provide students the opportunity to explore integration of research into practice.
Guide students to select a stastistic within their work setting that needs improvement necesary for midwifery standards review.
Provide links to data bases, library
Provide a journal articles on how to read/critique research and the importance of evidence.
-Find a professional article less than 10 years old that discusses the issue in need of improvement e.g episiotomy rate and write a 300 word anotated biblography and a 300 word analysis on the implications of this to their current practice setting (word limit +/- 10%)
-Post anotation and analysis to discussion forum
-Provide feedback to atleast one other forum posting
Schedule Adobe connect session to introduce topic
Acknowledge posting to the forums on a weekly basis (with encouraging commentary and suggestions)
Posts anotated biblography of  professional article (less than 10yrs old) with commentary on practice implications
Post feedback to another student

Thats it for now. Thanks


  1. FiFI these are sound strategies. For strategy two would you encourage the students to work openly on the evidence they choose? Perhaps they could use a wiki page to share with the class which statistic they have chosen to critique and the types of evidence they are exploring. They could then prepare the draft annotation on the wiki so they could get feedback as they are working on it rather than just at the end. How about getting them to work in pairs?

    For strategy one, you mention reflective practice. How will you guide them in this exercise? Will you use a framework with questions that prompt them to reflect? For example: How can the consensus statement be integrated into the chosen practice setting? Why have they chosen this particular statement? etc. What are the implications for their practice?

    Personally, I would not assess whether they have made a posting about the consensus statement, but whether they have demonstrated reflective practice from the exercise. So you would need to ask them to explain what they learned from reflecting on the consensus statement and how it has changed their perspective about their practice.

    The interaction could include dialogue with another person or persons (an interview or discussion) in class or in practice, and also the decisions they have made about practice as a result, and the actions they may take to change their practice.

    Perhaps you already use a framework for reflection, but you may wish to try the Three-Step Reflective Framework I mentioned in the Introduction topic. It can be adapted to suit your context.

  2. Hi Bronwyn
    Thanks for your feedback. Yes I need to include some reflection frameworks as you have mentioned in the recommended reading as part of the students tool kit so to speak. I can see how exericse two lacks depths from your feedback and that as you suggest more focus on the exericse of reflection itself would be beneficial to the stdents. Thanks for the useful tips. I am of two minds as to how much technology to introduce as I am not sure how confident the students will be with things like wiki's and collobaration will depend on the group size I guess. Maybe I am underestimating their capacity with I.T being a bit of a techno phobic myself i.e. not on facebook ha! Regards Fi